LaunchKit you do well

Today I discover Launch Kit. It is a very great web app that offer 4 great tools when launching your iOS app on the market.

Screenshot Builder

Now on iTunes connect, when uploading an app to the Store, you need to setup screenshots. A minimum of 1 is required, to a maximum of 5. Screenshot builder simplify this process, by offering the possibility to add phone, text, background pictures. It renders very well, and offer to download all the necessary sizes that you need to upload to iTunes connect afterwards.


Web site builder

This tool comes with dozen of template to create a beautiful and simple front page for your mobile app (not only iphone actually)

You select icon, color, text, links.. and it generates the html + css + images for you, ready to upload on your domain for your customers.


Review Monitor and Sales reporter

I haven’t tested these 2 other tools, but what they do is to provide Slack notifications for various keypoints; sales and reviews on iTunes. I will check these when our first app will be on the AppStore.



Check it out, they have great Blog on Medium.

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