Kinja Reader 1.14

Lot of bug fixes for this new release of Kinja Reader. Added features, we started to include the follow / unfollow functionality from the app itself. Please find below the associated release note:


  • Integrate 1Password with the app for login with Burner.
  • Possibility to follow / unfollow blogs / authors from the lists.
  • Search is keeping the history of your last 10 searches.
  • Include Elizabeth Serif font for body text..
  • Adding translation framework into the app with translation in English / French / Hungarian.


  • Logout with confirmation
  • Slideshow, hide / show close button with 1 tap.
  • Dashboard is not displaying replies, only starter posts.
  • Display Viddler video in complete a secured way.

Bug Fixes:

  • Logout with Google and Twitter didn’t completely logout, so you couldn’t chose another account on next time.
  • Publishing a reply while offline causes a crash.
  • Insets became unstable, and / or crashes sometimes.
  • Login / logout with different account causes inconsistency on the dashboard feed.
  • Fix couple of ui issues, misplaced elements.
  • Analytics doesn’t push the post ID.

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