Kinja Reader 1.13

Returning from holidays, and releasing 1.13 available (soon after Apple Review) from iTunes Test Flight.

[FEATURE] Refresh of the organisation of the interface which fills more right based on
Using 4 tabs:

1 Dashboard / top posts

  • Show your dashboard if you are logged in, or the top posts if you are not.

2 Discovery / Searching

  • Propose you some authors and blogs to discover + some top posts.
  • Search allows to search for blogs and authors using keyword.

3 Notifications (Hidden)

  • Will be included in the next release.

4 Profile / Settings

  • Show your profile.
  • Show the settings right into the app, legal page, logout.

[FEATURE] Display embedded tweet. Only works if you are logged in with a Twitter account for now on the app.


[FEATURE] Display the blogs you are member of right into your profile page.

[IMPROVEMENT] Add possibility to reply to the starter post.


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