New month, new release, 1.0.11 is out and here is the release note.

  • [FEATURE] Support of Viddler video, only as a proof of concept
  • [FEATURE] Add a night mode to the app. Switch it from the General Settings of the phone, look for the app and turn the toggle on (@ryan)
  • [FEATURE] Add indicator at the bottom of the post to jump directly to the commenting page (@ryan)
  • [FEATURE] Swipe post on the feed allows you to share instantly (@ryan)
  • [FEATURE] We are tracking analytics using analytics API to track page views from the iOS app (@casey @josh)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Avatar list on the navigation bar update.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Timestamp with time on the post (@ryan).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Pictures displayed with the proper ratio.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Update Amazon inset following future design (@grace)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Click a link on an iFrame will push a new view (web view / kinja post..) depending of what type or URL it is.
  • [BUG] Inset picture don’t have a good ratio.

From 1.0.10 (released only to few people)

  • [IMPROVEMENT] UI / Design / Unify colors and font all around the app.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements on replies design.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tags with accent supported for Hungarian (@laszlo)
  • [BUG] Few crashes fixed.
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