Kinja, Blog feeds, Share extension, Kinja Suite 1.0

Today a series of apps is available on TestFlight. Thanks to a big refactoring which was made, here is what you can get from a user point of view as product.

Blog Feeds

All GMG blogs can now be downloaded as a single app, if you feel like the Kinja app is too complicated or not understandable, you can have the Deadspin or Gizmodo feed only. This allows you to read posts, see pictures, videos. But for now doesn’t show any comments, profile page, dashboard or extra pages on Kinja.


Note that from a branding point of view, the blog feeds contain a color navigation bar which recall the blog brand color itself.

Sharing extension

Thanks to the refactoring of the code done previously it was possible to add a sharing extension when installing the Kinja app to your phone. To use the extension, you need to be logged in on the Kinja app. After, it is possible to share text and/or URL on Kinja using the extension, like any other app like this:



Interested in testing the apps? Please fill the following form to request access to the different iOS apps. Please note, you need to install Test Flight to your apple device in order to download them.

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