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Gizmodo Brasil

Today I discover that we already have Gizmodo app in the AppStore. Off course this app doesn’t belong to Gawker Media, but was made by a company called Morphy Mobile for Gizmodo Brasil.

This app looks rather simple, but does probably the work for the Gizmodo Brasil readers. Feed of articles, posts, sharing. What else is needed?


I also found an app for Gizmodo Spain, but this one was actually not working, and looks pretty outdated anyway.



This app looks already pretty advanced, and focusing on the Lifehacker content. You can save articles for later, filter content by tag I supposed. Check it our for 1$.


The design of the app is pretty close to a previous design of Kinja, like summer 2014, but the latest version was actually released in February 2015, so pretty new app.


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